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Ethos and Values

Our Vision


Burham Church of England Primary School is :

An Inclusive Community with

Enthusiastic Learners who

Fulfil their Individual Potential by being

Independent Thinkers who have

Enriching Relationships


Children, staff, parents, governors and volunteers all work hard at providing the right conditions and environment for all to succeed. The safety and wellbeing of our children is always our first concern.

We have a Christian foundation and our explicit Christian values, which are woven into all we do, are:






These values are considered throughout all activity – whether academic, behavioural, personal, social, spiritual or administrative.

Our curriculum is focussed on realising our vision, making sure all learners are accepted and valued as individuals with varying needs being considered and met.

Learning is engaging and active and supports the whole child.

We expect everyone to make progress and achieve success in learning.

We recognise that every child has a different starting point but must journey towards and reach their individual potential.

We develop children to think for themselves and make good choices in all aspects of life. This includes keeping themselves and others safe from harm. Our children know how to respond to different situations and who to turn to for help and support, trusting that this support will be timely and effective.

We recognise our position within a thriving community where all are valued and respected. We work hard at getting on well with each other, taking into account different needs and experiences that may make this more challenging in certain circumstances. We appreciate there are many different roles involved in coming together to ensure we are able to develop well rounded children who will become excellent citizens.