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About Us

Welcome to Burham Church of England Primary School

There has been a school in Burham since 1858 when the then Curate of Burham, the Rev. W. Keith started a church school with funds raised locally. It was originally sited on Rochester Road and at one time held as many as 400 boys and girls. When a new Board school was built on the corner of Bell Lane in 1890, the boys moved there leaving the girls and infants in the original building. Both schools were re-organised in 1958 and became separate Infant and Junior Schools. This new building was erected in 1985 and the juniors moved in.

Now the history of the schools in Burham has come full circle and the two schools became one when they merged in 1991 and became Burham Church of England Primary School. In June 1993 we moved out of the old Infant building into our new infant wing.

For further information or to arrange a visit to the school please either email: or telephone 01634 861691.

Our Head Teacher, Mrs Goddon, is more than happy to give prospective parents a personal tour of our lovely school.

Our office staff:

  • Mrs. Brown (Finance Assistant)
  • Mrs. Gardner (Office Assistant)
  • Mrs. Spencer (Finance Assistant)
  • Mrs. Wheeler (Office Assistant) 

Our Office staff are happy to deal with queries from parents and other members of the public.