Outdoor Learning

We are fortunate to be situated within the beautiful Kent countryside at the foot of the North Downs.  Outdoor learning plays and important role in the children’s education and we bring the countryside to the heart of learning at every opportunity.

We are one of a series of primary schools included in the developing Old Chalk New Downs (OCND) project run by Medway Valley Countryside Partnership which aims to provide greater public understanding of the wildlife, heritage and landscape resource that the chalk down-land provides in this part of Kent.

Please see the following links to access teaching plans for the outdoor curriculum:

Year 1 (a) Year 1 (b)

Year 2 (a)  Year 2 (b) Year 2 (c)

Year 3 (a) Year 3 (b) Year 3 (c)

Year 4 (a) Year 4 (b) Year 4 (c)

Year 6 (a) Year 6 (b)