Online Safety Webinar 31st January 2018 at 7p.m.

Message from Ofsted to all Kent schools:

‘Despite schools’ strong awareness of risk within the region, we have identified an increase in cases where on-line access has placed children in danger. Grooming, radicalisation and child sexual exploitation are often perpetrated via the internet and pose a real threat to children of all ages. Given this rise in incidents, Ofsted has worked with the Breck Foundation to offer schools and parents a webinar to consider dangers presented by the internet. We provide advice for school staff to support their work and explain how Ofsted inspects this aspect of safeguarding and guidance to parents about how to help their children stay safe. This webinar will be presented by Hilary Macdonald, Senior Her Majesty’s Inspector, Daniel Lambert, Her Majesty’s Inspector, and Lorin LeFave, founder of the Breck Foundation, whose son, Breck, was groomed and murdered in 2014. The webinar will be hosted on 31 January at 19:00. You can register for the webinar via:

The above link also appears in the online safety section of our website. Schools have been asked to bring this webinar to the attention of both parents and staff.