Online Learning Resources

Here are some links to sites that have useful things to help students learn new topics and revise old ones.

Woodlands Junior School have an amazing set of resources.  Great for History.

Kent Trust Web.  Lots of activities here – look at the Maths games.

BBC Primary History – from Ancient Greeks to WW2

KS2 Bitesize – English Maths and Science.  Lots of fun AND useful learning!

KS1 Bitesize – Literacy Maths and Science for key stage 1

Little Animals Activity Centre – a wide range of activities for 4 to 8 year olds, including stories, maths and music.

E2BN Learning Resources  – arranged by subject and key-stage.

A variety of Literacy and Numeracy activities at ICT Games.

Fun with multiplication tables at Moon Maths

Primary Games has a wealth of fun things such as one of our favourites – Duck Life